What is Site Specs all about?

Making your job easier.

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Site Specs is the best enterprise construction photo and communication app.

Our Features:

  • Wirelessly upload and file photos to a secure server
  • Most meta data per photo enabling instant retrieval
  • Best communication app for your remote jobsites
  • Optimized team communication with notifications
  • Commenting enables immediate conflict resolution
  • Generates PDF reports for sharing and filing locally
  • Collaborate with people from various companies on the same project
  • All photos taken in Site Specs are automatically geo-located and catalogued behind the scenes
  • Help prevent and fight claims with added documentation and search capabilities

Project Management

Simply create an account and start uploading photos immediately. Invite people to collaborate with and keep informed. You can now invite team members from other companies. You can add a site ID, project name/number, or photo group. Take a picture and easily add a description and/or comment. Then upload to SiteSpecs.io where you can view, sort, filter, edit, download and share all your photos with your team members. Site Specs' camera tags 12 pieces meta data to each photo to optimize your documentation.


Your project team will be notified of any new uploads and can monitor the live photo feed of whats happening on-site. Commenting provides immediate conflict resolution as it allows project management to communicate and address issues with photos. This tool is the simplest most effective way to keep your project management, safety, and quality control personnel on the same page.


You can then filter all of your photos by any of these criteria to create daily progress/status reports. Push notifications keep everyone up to date with site conditions, safety, quality control, and security. Commenting improves jobsite communication and makes photo retrieval effortless and immediate. Site Specs is ideal for construction, contracting, property management, franchise management, maintenance, inspections, and before/after/progress photo documenting!

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